Still Powerful, Still Relevant: Direct Mail

In a digital world powered by electricity, how can direct mail, made of only paper, have enough power to survive? We will elaborate on just a few of the reasons, but what is key to note is that they are all based on one common factor: direct mail will always have the ability to connect with the human element of this digital age.

Direct mail has the power of being delivered to closely targeted audiences.

shutterstock_110310713You would be hard-pressed to find an advertising medium better at being delivered to a targeted audience than direct mail. The control of a direct mail campaign by way of targeted lists allows you to target both widespread areas and specific homes. Harnessing the power of direct mail by using demographic information allows direct mail campaigns to avoid falling on deaf eyes and ears, a tragedy which all advertising outlets look to avert.

Direct mail has the power of complete customization.

Having great control over exactly who receives your direct mail campaign gives you the power to totally customize your mailers to match the audience they’re being delivered to. All aspects of a mailer can be specifically tailored, from the format (postcards, brochures, etc), to the message, to the design, to even the frequency of delivery. This unique power is a good example of direct mail’s strength in connecting with people in an age chalk full of digital mediums.

Direct mail has the power to be viewed right away.


The nature of direct mail puts it right in front of people’s eyes. With the inundation of television and digital advertising filling people’s screens and inboxes, people are now more used to tuning out messages in those arenas. It may seem a little paradoxical, but the digital age is making paper more appealing. Receiving something interesting and well-designed in the mail is both fresh and different than what people are used to nowadays.

Direct mail has the power of shelf life.

Another inherent power of direct mail is its physical presence. Unlike television or online advertising, once direct mail is received, it must be physically handled and dealt with. The receiver of the mail piece will be drawn to at least glance at it, and if you’ve put enough time and money into your campaign, they will be intrigued by what they have in their hand. This is very different than television advertisements that last less than a minute and someone can avoid them just by changing the channel, muting the volume, or walking away from the television entirely.

Direct mail has the power to create a sense of recognition.

shutterstock_260982770There is something personal about receiving something in the mail that is tailored exactly to you. A proper direct mail campaign finds the people who will be most interested in contacting a business about their products or services and this is why direct mail has the power to create personal connections. Mailing campaigns that deliver well-designed mailers to the same household multiple times create a sense of trust and familiarity in the minds of the people receiving them. This creates recognition and puts a business at the front of someone’s mind whenever they think about that particular product/service. Positive perception is key for any company!


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