Choosing Your Mail Method: Targeted or Saturation?

Determining the best “mail method”, or how your direct mail campaign is going to be delivered, is vital to the success of your company’s direct mail efforts. There are two main types of mail methods: targeted and saturation. Understanding the differences between these methods will help you determine which one of these campaign types will provide the best returns for your company.

Targeted Direct MailTargeted direct mail campaigns get their name from the usage of a targeted list to determine who receives your campaign. These hyper-targeted mailing lists are developed using up-to-date geographic and demographic data selects, which are designations chosen by you. Essentially this means that you get to decide the criteria of the households that receive your mailer. Whether it be households in a specific zip code, members of the household being of a certain age, or the combined income of the household, a targeted campaign allows you to reach prospects that are more inclined to being interested in your products or services, rather than being delivered to a blanket area.

Saturation Direct MailA saturation direct mail campaign differs from a targeted campaign in that it does not use a targeted mailing list to determine the recipients of your direct mailer. This is because the saturation method is primarily used when you already know of a specific area or region that contains prospective clients that would be interested in what your company has to offer them. Saturation mailings are instead delivered using appropriate postal routes within your selected region, hence the name “saturation”. This campaign type gives you the ability to reach every home within an area, without the need for a permit or mailing list.

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