QR Codes: A Comeback Story

Remember when QR codes were on everything? They popped up on billboards, on the sides of trashcans, and even (on tombstones). It seemed everyone wanted a taste of this exciting, new way to engage with customers. Then, just as suddenly as they arrived, they were declared dead. The problem was they were simply not easy to use. You needed to download a separate app to scan the code, be in good […]

Control the Outcome of Your Direct Mail Campaign

First-time direct mail clients often ask this question: What response rate can I expect from my direct mail? Understanding rates and statistics are beneficial to helping you manage your expectations. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average response for a direct mail campaign is around 2-4% depending on the type or mailing and who its going to. That means that anywhere from 2-4% of recipients responded back to the […]

8 Seconds Later: Do You Have Their Attention?

Your visual and written message must catch the reader quickly With direct mail, you have only six to eight seconds (yes seconds!) to grab your reader’s attention. Your design must get the reader to take notice quickly. Is it relevant, colorful, and creative? Does it project your image and product properly? Will it move the recipient to read the offer? Good design isn’t enough. Meaningful design is essential, too! The […]

Testing 1…2…3

Direct mail marketing can at times include some guesswork on your part. Where should it go and who should it go to? What should it say? What day should it be mailed out? With direct mail, the answers to these questions may not be the same for everyone but there are ways you can take some of the guesswork out. Here are 3 ways that you can test to determine […]

4 Reasons People Respond to Direct Mail

You are getting ready to send out your first direct mail campaign – what do you do to get people to respond?  Instead of wasting your time rewording the 4th sentence on the back of your postcard or picking out the perfect shade of purple for your background color, spend more on the things that matter to your customers. Here are 4 basics to get you started. 1. They See […]

Be Your Customer

Trying to decide if your direct mail efforts will work? Maybe you’ve come up with a postcard design and offer but aren’t sure if it will definitely get your phones ringing. What can you do to be sure? Start by becoming your customer. Take a step back from your marketing campaign and look at it as if you were the prospect. How would you react to to the design? Is […]

Summer Marketing Ideas

Summer is finally here! Along with the warm temperatures, Summer also brings ways to creatively market to your clients and increase sales. Even if your business does not offer summer-themed products there are still ways to take advantage of these Summer months. 1. SMS Campaign Summer is the perfect time to do an SMS (Text Messaging) campaign. Text message marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways […]

The Rule of 7

In the marketing world there is a rule of thumb that says until a recipient has seen your message at least 7 times, they won’t even realize you exist. This is called The Rule of 7. Certainly there are some exceptions to this rule but the basic premise is true. Most people will not even realize you exist before they’ve seen your marketing several times. This may seem seem like a […]

Are You Throwing Your Marketing Dollars Out the Window?

If you own a swimming pool supply company why would you spend even a penny on those who don’t own a pool? If you are not using direct mail marketing you could be spending up to 90% of your marketing dollars on people who will never need or want your product and services. Ask yourself this: If I could speak to anyone about my product or service who would it be? Targeting lists can […]