While many businesses often overlook the impact of direct mail marketing, statistics show that it is still one of the most effective marketing tools today. Not only is direct mail great at generating new leads and retargeting old customers, but it also creates brand awareness. To this day, direct mail is still one of the most effective methods to increase sales for businesses. You may then ask yourself, what makes an effective direct mail campaign? There are many key components to a successful campaign: a target-specific mailing list, well-written copy, compelling offer, and one of the most important aspects, the design.

Eye-Catching Colors and Fonts

Incorporating three or more colors within your marketing campaigns usually captures your viewer’s attention more than simply using black and white. While it may be tempting to use a wide assortment of eye-catching colors to capture viewer’s attentions, utilizing the right colors for your marketing piece is crucial to the overall success of your campaign. Color is one of the most powerful elements of design. According to an article by Entrepreneur, research has shown that using color increases brand identity, assists in memory, increases a reader’s participation in ads, and improves readership, learning, and comprehension.

While marketers intuitively grasp the importance of using color in their marketing, many do not fully understand how powerful and impactful it can be for their business. The majority of people are visually oriented more than any other sense meaning they rely on colors to an extraordinary degree!

Research on consumers’ reactions to new products has found:

  • 62%–90% of a person’s initial assessment of a product is based on color alone

What exactly does color do? It primarily serves two purposes for brands:

  • Color differentiates your brand and products improving recognition and brand recall over time.
  • Color sparks emotion when seen by consumers improving your marketing collateral’s overall memorability and creating a lasting impact on your prospects.  

It’s a well-known fact that first impressions are everything. From the moment a prospect sees your direct mail campaign, you have roughly 3 seconds or less to capture their attention. Your direct mail campaign design determines whether your mail piece is read, saved, or tossed. So, if you’re thinking about utilizing direct mail marketing, make sure to put in time and effort into the design!

While you could design your mail piece yourself, why not let one of our award-winning designers do it for you! Here at Kessler Creative, we have talented designers in-house eager to design an eye-catching piece for your business!

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