Effective Copy: Direct Mail’s Backbone

Graphics and design are extremely, extremely important to the success of a direct mail campaign. However, the written word is an aspect of direct mail that can never be overlooked. Without well-written copy to deliver your campaign’s message, the accompanying graphics will fall utterly flat. While it is true that people scan more often than they read thoroughly, the quickest way to strip your campaign of its ability to connect […]

Top 3 Again: Kessler Creative at the Top for 2nd Year Straight

Kessler Creative has again been ranked in the top three in Jacksonville Business Journal’s annual Marketing & Advertising “The List” for 2015! This well-deserved recognition displays how people understand that we offer more to our clients than just our nationally recognized direct mail abilities. Our marketing services are always evolving and we continue to successfully provide clients with a bevy of abilities so that their marketing efforts are cohesive across all platforms – from website development to social […]

Your Direct Mail Campaign: Brochures or Postcards?

  You have begun the process of developing a new direct mail campaign. Now you need to decide what medium will be used to deliver your message. You’ve determined either a brochure mailer or a postcard mailer are the two most likely choices, but which choice is better for YOUR campaign? Is it the informative approach of the brochure? Or is it the eye-catching appeal of the postcard? It’s the brochure! Need to deliver important […]

Direct Mail Works: 3 Reasons Postcards Work

Utilizing direct mail as a marketing tool is a proven way to both obtain new customers and to get your existing customers to return for repeat business. Effectively using direct mail marketing is a key tool for businesses that are trying to make the most of their marketing budget. With that in mind, what is the simplest and most cost-effective form of direct mail marketing? The answer is the postcard. Once you have […]

5 Methods to Make Direct Mail More Effective

The primary purpose of a direct mail campaign is to transform receivers of your campaign into purchasers of your product or service. Working with an experienced direct mail company to develop an effective mailer is absolutely essential to your campaign’s success. However, understanding HOW to create an effective mailer is just as important in the transformation of viewers of your direct mail into buyers. Knowing these essentials will help you in understanding what makes an […]

Is Your Current Mailing Company Hurting Your Campaign?

Are you getting the sense that your direct mail campaign isn’t having the effect you hoped? Getting the feeling that your mailing company is the reason for this? Here are a few different indicators that making the switch to a new mailing company is the cure your ailing campaign has been looking for. Campaign results haven’t ever lived up to expectation. Hopes were high when you initially set up your campaign with your current mailing company. […]

Maximizing Direct Mail ROI: DIY or Use a Mailing Company?

Can employing the services of a mailing company actually improve your direct mail campaign’s return on investment (ROI)? Small businesses often try to take on the task of creating their own direct mail in an effort to save themselves the cost of using a mailing company. Trying to do this on your own ends up costing your business something that is essentially the same as money – time. While effective […]

In the Spotlight

As a widely recognized leader in the design, printing, advertising and mailing services industry, Kessler Creative has been constantly commended for its determination to achieve excellence. Through the years, that determination has led to our acquisition of state of the art digital imaging and printing equipment as well as the development of sophisticated technology that has helped our customers grow their businesses through a variety of results-driven solutions. It is […]

Top 10 Reasons to Try Direct Mail

In challenging economic times, businesses are allocating their marketing investments more into direct marketing.  It doesn’t matter what type of business it is, the common goal of business owners is to acquire more clients and grow sales. Direct mail is the proven avenue to achieve those goals. So here are our top 10 reasons why we think you should give it direct mail a try. 1. It’s Targeted. Allows you […]

Design: It’s Important For Your Business

In the business world, first impressions do matter and for some companies it can mean the difference of gaining a new client or having them go elsewhere. Just like you go out of your way to impress a client with your services or customer care, you should also go out of your way to wow them with a great design. Consistent, professional design makes your business look reputable and draws […]