Are You Throwing Your Marketing Dollars Out the Window?

If you own a swimming pool supply company why would you spend even a penny on those who don’t own a pool?

If you are not using direct mail marketing you could be spending up to 90% of your marketing dollars on people who will never need or want your product and services.

Ask yourself this:

If I could speak to anyone about my product or service who would it be?

Targeting lists can be as simple as hitting everyone within radius around your location or as detailed using compilation of complex criteria’s in neighborhoods you wish to target.

Stop throwing your marketing dollars out the window. Let Kessler Creative pluck those perfect prospects out of the crowd through accurate and concise consumer or business mailing lists.

Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists

Here are just a few “selects” to choose from when pulling a targeted consumer mailing list:

Gender, Age, Estimated Income, Homeowner, Renter, Child Age, Child Gender, Credit Card User, Pet Owner, New Mover, Birth Date, Golfer, Homes with a pool, Home Market Value, Vehicle Make and Model, Bankruptcy, Mortgage Details, Business Owner, Empty Nester, Green Living, and many more.

Do you really know how many potential clients/customers are in your market area? Stop guessing and get the facts for free!

Call today and speak with a direct marketing agency specialist to get your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, detailed Consumer or Business count.  800-394-9393