8 Seconds Later: Do You Have Their Attention?

Keep Their Attention For More Than 8 Seconds

Your visual and written message must catch the reader quickly

With direct mail, you have only six to eight seconds (yes seconds!) to grab your reader’s attention.

Your design must get the reader to take notice quickly. Is it relevant, colorful, and creative? Does it project your image and product properly? Will it move the recipient to read the offer? Good design isn’t enough. Meaningful design is essential, too! The Kessler Creative design team can take your nugget of a concept and transfer it into a visual message.

Your text should convey your offer, product, or idea briefly and concisely. Review your message from the readers’ standpoint. It has to be relevant. Will he think it’s written directly to him? Does it target her specific needs or wants? Let them know how your offer will benefit them. Make it clear—they have to get it the first time. Check carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.

Don’t forget to let the reader know exactly what you expect them to do: Call now! Order today! Impart a sense of urgency!