5 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Direct Mail Ship

Direct Mail Mistakes

Direct mail campaigns are beautiful vessels that will deliver your company to new and prosperous places. Like a ship’s sails capture the wind and propel it through the water, an effective direct mail piece will propel your campaign and bring your business the benefits of successful direct mail efforts.  However, making these five costly mistakes will doom your direct mail efforts to a watery grave.

1. Outfitting your mailer with poor design

Poor design will always push viewers to toss your mailer into the depths of the trash. Grabbing the attention of viewers so that they see ALL of your mailer’s message is exactly what a properly designed mailer will do. Mailers without the following design elements will sink like a rock:

  • A straightforward and concise headline
  • Compelling graphics/images that tie in with your message
  • Effectively using color to drive attention important information
  • Engaging subheads
  • Offer(s) that is coupled with a strong call-to-action
  • Company name, logo, as well as a return address
  • All company contact information

Making use of these elements will do more than keep your campaign afloat. A compelling, well-designed mailer will draw viewers in and quickly turn them into buyers. This is because your mailer has the ability to connect with them and effectively deliver your message at the same time.

2. Incorrectly sized mailers

Determining what size your mailer should be is just as important as the design of it. If you’re thinking that using a smaller mailer will save you money in the long run, you could be sinking your direct mail ship before it even leaves port. Investing properly in your direct mail campaign rather than cutting corners can be the deciding factor in whether your campaign sinks or sails.

Larger mailers catch receivers’ eyes. Having a large, well-designed mailer gives people the impression that you take your marketing efforts seriously and that you are profitable and successful enough to invest in those efforts properly. However, not every company needs large mailers. Your competition can often help determine what size mailer your campaign needs.

3. Failing to monitor competition

Keeping tabs on your competitors’ marketing efforts should always be a priority. Tailoring your direct mail campaign to match the competitive environment will ensure that your efforts are both effective and cost-efficient.

Is the environment bare with essentially no competition? If so, a smaller card will work fine for your campaign. If you have a moderate competitive environment, using a medium-sized mailer will help you keep visibility. Finally, if your company’s marketing environment is heavy with marketing from other businesses, designing a large card for your campaign will make you stand out from the inundation of similar companies’ campaigns.

4. Mailing lists that aren’t up to par

Having a correctly sized mailer that is well-designed is fantastic, but it means nothing if it is being mailed to the wrong audience. Targeted mailing lists are a vital part of any direct mail voyage. Working with an experienced direct mail company will make sure that your targeted mailing lists are both accurate and consistently up-to-date.

5. No repetition

Finally, your mailer has been created, your lists have been completely formulated, and you have begun your campaign by mailing to your audience for the first time. The biggest mistake you could make is not mailing to them again. Repetition is a direct mail campaign’s greatest friend. One of the crucial factors in the decision making process of viewers of your campaign is timing. Repeat exposure to your direct mail campaign will keep you at the front of potential buyers’ minds.  The biggest way to sink your own ship is to mail once and then think about quitting because you didn’t see results immediately.

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