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2023 Marketing Trends

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to your industry, it’s crucial to incorporate the latest marketing trends into your strategy to stay competitive and relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace.

What consumers want, need, and expect from brands today looks nowhere near like what it did five years ago. Here is a quick glimpse into a few trends to keep an eye on as we move into 2023:


Today’s consumers are flooded with marketing messages from multiple channels to the point where they have started to tune them out. Personalized marketing messages that forge a real connection between the brand and the target market will be a game changer in 2023. 80% of consumers said they’d be more likely to do business with a brand that provides a personalized experience, according to Epsilon.

Improvements in technology such as AI have made it possible and easy to hyper-personalize everything from content to design to product recommendations and everything in between!

Video-based content

Video-based content is becoming a key focus area in social media marketing because it can capture a viewer’s attention for an extended amount of time compared to static posts. Not only is video content uber engaging, but social media algorithms also like video content over static posts. From TikToks to Instagram reels, marketers use bite-sized videos to drive engagement and increase brand awareness among millennials and Gen Z.

New targeting solutions

Google is set to phase out third-party cookies by the end of next year due to rising privacy concerns. Cookies play a role in target marketing by tracking a user’s behavior across the web so marketers can deliver a customized experience. To remain relevant, brands are testing alternative targeting solutions, such as collecting detailed first-party data and investing in market research to continue developing highly personalized content and ads.

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is about getting your team or employees talking and sharing on behalf of the business. More and more businesses are realizing the power of their employees. Employee personal profiles and assets are often more effective at reaching more people authentically than business accounts and assets. Harnessing this power is an untapped opportunity—especially in business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

With so much change expected for 2023, taking advantage of these trends will propel your marketing efforts and give you a head start on your competition!