Design: The Difference Between Campaign Success and Failure

  Good design matters in business branding. What would McDonald’s be without its golden arches? What would Target be without its signature and simple red target? One of the most crucial parts of your marketing strategy is a cohesive brand that customers instantly recognize by your signage, direct mail, and emails. A strong business brand will continually drive customers through your doors. At Kessler Creative, our Graphic Designers are waiting […]

6 Tips to Improve Response Rates

6 Tips to Improve Response Rates The objective of print marketing and direct mail is to generate response, which in turn will hopefully lead to customer retention and loyalty. Often, businesses will spend a lot of money on a print marketing campaign and disregard the key drivers for response, resulting in a low ROI. There are some ways to help improve response. Try these out on your next print marketing […]

The Power of Personalized Printing

Have you ever received a personalized piece of mail that had your name included in the content? Perhaps you received a piece of mail from a jewelry store and as part of the design, it said “Hi (your name), don’t you want to stand out from the rest?” Did you spend more time with it because it didn’t quite feel like “junk mail”? That piece of mail is product of […]

Questions to Ask Yourself When Crafting the Offer

40% of a successful direct mail campaign is “The Offer.” As you’re generating your perfect mailing list, craft an offer that your audience simply cannot refuse. A well-crafted offer can truly make a campaign. Here are some questions to ask yourself when crafting the offer. What’s the plan? Before you even begin, make sure that you have created a thorough plan regarding what you’ll offer, how it will affect business […]

The Marriage of Mail and Mobile

Marketers and mailers are consistently on the pursuit to find unique and creative ways to drive business. This effort includes a compelling design, interesting shapes or samples. In this highly digital world, mailers have found an innovative way to make a printed piece interact with technology whilst remaining in the mailbox. This is optimum connection. Direct mail can be used in various technologically savvy ways including PURLS, QR Codes, Augmented […]

5 Suggestions for Writing Copy

All the elements on a piece of direct mail must work together to produce a complete and engaging marketing piece that will call for consumers to act. Writing copy for direct mail is a tricky act, as you only have a few seconds to get the consumer’s attention. Here are 5 tips for writing copy that will complete your piece of direct mail and get consumers to act the way […]

Color Sells

Color Sells We’ve discussed the 40/40/20 rule, which is a suggested formula for creating campaign success with 40% of your campaign is the data/mailing list, 40% is the offer, and 20% is the creative. Let’s look at a portion of that 20% creative aspect. If the average consumer spends 2-5 seconds with a mail piece before they read further or discard, the creative design of the piece must be compelling […]

A Formula for a Direct Mail Campaign

What do a sturdy house, a successful business and a direct mail campaign have in common? A good foundation. Marketers and businesses developing their marketing strategies are trying to reach the same goal: a strong ROI. So, where should you start? Try this simple formula for building a complete direct mail campaign. It’s called 40/40/20, where the makeup of your campaign can be built from three basic elements:         The Mailing […]

The Offer: $-Off vs. %-Off

“Get 50% off!” “Get $50 off!” Which offer will be most effective? These two statements seem equally attractive because our consumer’s eyes are trained to locate discounts, deals, and offers. We often wait until we find the best deals available. Discount-based promotions have been used to attract customers since the dawn of business and advertising. There’s no doubt that it works. So. Here’s the question. Which style of discount-based promotion […]

What paper does to communicate about your brand.

Take Your Next Project From Good To Epic The tactile feel of the printed piece unlocks our brains (often unconsciously) and taps directly into our thoughts and emotions. We are all living in a hyper-digital world, in which thousands of marketing messages are being hurled at us (sometimes all at once) with little to no relevance or impact. This means the competitive landscape for our ideal customer’s attention is thick. Forcing […]